Welcome to our Maths teacher’s section! Find out how this website can support Maths teachers and their students, and download our free worksheets.

PuzzleMania has been designed with key elements of the Key Stage 3 curriculum in mind, and helps students to build their confidence in Maths. Through the interactive games and challenges, students are encouraged to see that Maths is not an abstract subject, but rather that mathematical concepts are part of daily life around the home.

In a recent government report, Key Stage 3 was identified as a ‘vital stage*’ in Maths education. PuzzleMania was devised to help capture students’ interest at this crucial stage of their education and to encourage interest in Maths, which can lead to an increased take up of Maths post GCSE, and an increased confidence to use Maths outside the confines of the classroom.

The following teacher resources are free to download and are designed for use in class or as homework sheets. This website can also be used in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard.

*Prof. A Smith’s inquiry: Making Mathematics Count.

Worksheet 1 - Fractions
Worksheet 2 - 2D Shapes
Worksheet 3 - Percentages Worksheet 4 - Data Handling